MLS players could go on strike!

The MLS Players Association has announced the footballers have a list of demands they want to run by the league’s board of directors.

According to Major League Soccer (MLS) Players Association (MLSPA) executive director, Bob Foose, there could be a strike if the league and footballers don’t reach a new agreement.

The MLSPA is looking for fairer paid and less difficult travel schedules.

“A strike is never the goal, and it’s not our goal,” said Foose to ESPN.

“If we each come to the table and work hard to find common ground, I’m very confident we can reach an agreement that will benefit both the player pool and the league.”

“That’s my hope and the hope of all the players,” he added.

“If it doesn’t happen, at that point the player pool will be making a decision as to whether or not they’re willing to play with the terms that are on the table.”

Hugo Lloris, Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League

Lloris reveals he might end up in the MLS

Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has revealed today that he might not retire with the Spurs, instead, he wishes to finish his career in the MLS.

Goalkeeper Brad Guzan explained one of the things the PA wants: “Because of the country we live in, the travel requirements are massive.”

“Not spending three-quarters of the day in an airport, not allowing your body to become fatigued mentally and physically.”

“Ultimately charter flights allow you to get to your destination much quicker in a way that allows you to be focused solely on the game and physically you feel much better stepping on the field. It’s the same thing after the game,” he concluded.


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