Real Madrid was defeated 2-0 on Sunday by Real Sociedad at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and Luka Modric is dissatisfied with the players form.

The Croatian international believes that the players have to stop looking for excuses and own up their poor performances so they can improve.

“Many of us are not at our level,” Modric said in the mixed zone, according to Marca.

“We cannot take a s*** at the beginning of every game.

“We have to be clear, it’s not a matter of luck.

“We are creating a lot but the ball won’t go in and we are giving a lot but there are reasons that explain why things are not going well.”

The European champions were not happy with certain decisions of the referee during the match, but Modric maintained they have no excuse.

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“He has not had a good day,” he said.

“But our problem is not the referee or VAR, although they haven’t helped us.

“Our problems are other things.”

“We have to improve a lot and we’re not in an ideal moment.

“We have to be closer and as more of a team on the pitch.

“It is important to take things game by game and not talk about whether the league is lost.”


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