Everton have recently completed the signing of Moise Kean from Juventus and the young striker has made the right decision by leaving Italy.

Moise Kean is definitely one of the most talented young strikers you would see in Europe today.

The Italy Under 21 international was given a few chances at Juventus last season and made full use of those chances. While staying at Juventus would have pretty much guaranteed him a lot of titles, the youngster was never really going to become a regular for several years.

With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and the possible arrival of Romelu Lukaku on the cards, Moise Kean was always destined for a new move this summer.

However, the player’s greatness can never be questioned.

In November 2016, Moise Kean became the youngest player to make his debut in the Serie A and Europe’s other top four leagues at the age of 16. This started claims that he would be the next big thing in Italian football.

However, it should be noted that the youngster is a raw talent. At the age of 18, Kean has a lot of time on his hands to become the sort of striker his talent warrants him to.

At Juventus, the youngster showcased an ability to drift out on the wing which means that Moise Kean is very adaptable.

Blessed with great pace, amazing dribbling and a sense to make key passes, Moise Kean is going to be a very exciting player to watch at Everton. Marco Alonso is a huge fan of the youngster and was eager to sign him up.

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At present, Everton don’t have a striker who can guarantee goals. The Toffees have assembled quite a squad this summer and with Kean signed, they have a player who has the potential to develop further while scoring goals on a regular basis.

Moise Kean arrives at the Goodison Park as an unknown quantity. He is definitely going to surprise many and will make things difficult for opposing teams.

After a period of apprenticeship at Juventus, Moise Kean is ready to test himself at an environment that will put him under a lot of pressure but will also give him the minutes he needs to fast-track his development.

Sporting things aside, Moise Kean has made the right choice by leaving for a country that has shown more tolerance towards players from diverse backgrounds.

The youngster was subject of racist chants from fans of Cagliari. While he was definitely put through an ordeal, the youngster didn’t get enough support.

Leonardo Bonucci went on to criticize his teammate for his celebration rather than addressing the main issue. Allegri wasn’t that supportive either. The same can be said about Serie A who chose not to sanction the club or its fans.

In England, Moise Kean will have a support system with the organization and people willing to jump to his defense if a similar issue happens inside English stadiums.

He is going to flourish in England and will not have to worry about what the fans think of him under the tutelage of a manager who will show patience with him.


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