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Monchi or Txiki, who is better

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The title of best sporting director is up for grabs, and only one of these two can be crowned the best in realizing potential and reinforcing their respective squads.

A Sporting Director has a complex job. While a pile of administrative duties are shoved his way, his main task is to work on reinforcing the squad. And it is not just the first team squad but also the youth academy.

Moreover, it is his job to ensure that the footballing principles of the club are obeyed. Sevilla, Liverpool, Tottenham, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester City have strong sporting departments.

But not everyone is heralded is changing the outlook of their respective clubs. Two people come to mind, Monchi at Sevilla and Txiki Begiristain at Barcelona and now at Manchester City. Let’s evaluate the two and see who ranks where.