Morata lashes out at Chelsea players

Alvaro Morata was left disgusted at the treatment meted out to him by his former teammates, stating that they never passed him the ball.

Alvaro Morata sealed a loan move to Atletico Madrid in January after struggling for form and consistency at Chelsea.

It was probably the Spaniard’s worst footballing season. His self esteem took a hit and he ended up scoring just five goals in the first half of the last campaign. Things at Chelsea were not working anymore so he was shipped out to Atletico Madrid who needed a capable striker upfront.

And now, Morata says that he doesn’t want to go back to the club where he did not enjoy a good relationship with his teammates and fans.

While speaking to Il Posticipo, the former Juventus manager revealed that he was never appreciated by people associated with the club. Morata also revealed that apart from the Spanish players at the club,  no one would pass him the ball.

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“I didn’t feel loved or appreciated by the club and the fans. I started well at Chelsea but an injury can get you in trouble. You should be respected by the fans at least you  know.”

“There was a moment when my teammates, except for the Spaniards…well see? It is not the same thing when you play it is difficult to pass the ball to someone you know will not do the same. Or at least you won’t pass the ball the same way. All those who have played football, will understand that.”

Morata also revealed that Maurizio Sarri forced him to train alone.

“I spoke with Maurizio Sarri who told me some things that I knew would not go that way. In the end I trained alone, I was nervous, my wife was worried about my attitude.”

The striker wants to stay at Madrid and it seems to be the right choice.


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