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Moratti picks Messi or Dybala as Martinez’s replacement

Martinez, Messi, Dybala
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Former Inter Milan chairman Massimo Moratti is demanding that if the club sells Lautaro Martinez, Lionel Messi, or Paulo Dybala replace him.

Massimo Moratti is not in charge of the purse strings at Inter Milan anymore. But if he was he knows exactly what he would do.

Lautaro Martinez has been linked with the Inter exit just about all season. Moratti has no problem in letting a star player go so long as he can replace him with a superstar.

Martinez’s fine form has done nothing but increases the speculation surrounding his future.

Moratti has his eye on some extreme talent as a replacement.

First choice is Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi’s future at Barcelona is far from certain.

With talk of internal fallouts and strained relationships with staff, teammates, and board members. On top of that, the apparent break clause in his contract this summer means the rumors of a move are rife.

With his kind of career numbers, who wouldn’t be interested in the GOAT?

If Messi isn’t available he would settle for another Argentine, Juventus’ Paulo Dybala.

The Bianconeri player has had a solid season as Ronaldo’s sidekick. But talk of a move away has never been too far from anyone’s lips after the summer of uncertainty and failed moves to United and Spurs.

Spwaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Moratti’s demands are quite clear.

He said:

“If Messi arrives in his place, great.”

“If it’s impossible to sign Leo, then I’d prefer Dybala takes Toro’s (Lautaro) place.”

Barcelona considers Lautaro Martinez the ideal replacement for the aging Luis Suarez, but parting with Lionel Messi in return seems a little far fetched.