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More FIFA troubles as Infantino placed under investigation

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FIFA is apparently facing more investigations into corrupt activity as incumbent president Gianni Infantino is placed under investigation.

When Sepp Blatter was removed from office as the president of FIFA it was hoped that a new era was dawning.

Blatter’s tenure as the head of the world governing body of football was littered with accusations of underhand dealings, fraud, and corruption. So when his 17-year reign came to an end and Gianni Infantino took over it was hoped that we would see a more transparent authority in the footballing world.

All those images of a righteous and honest authority have come crashing down today after Infantino was faced with legal proceedings from the Swiss authorities.

He is accused of criminal conduct following a secret meeting with the Swiss attorney general Michael Lauber.

Lauber tendered his resignation once the story broke and now the authorities are hot on the tail of Infantino.

According to the BBC, a statement revealed more details regarding the investigation.

The brief comments read:

“This concerns abuse of public office, breach of official secrecy, assisting offenders, and incitement to these acts.”