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Morelos thinks Liverpool may be watching him

Alfredo Morelos, Glasgow Rangers
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Glasgow Rangers forward Alfredo Morelos is eyeing a summer move to a “big” club and believes that Liverpool may have their eye on him.

Only the other day it turned out that Alfredo Morelos’ wife had been keeping a quiet eye on her husband. Now the player believes that Liverpool has been doing the same thing.

The Rangers forward is dedicated to the cause of recapturing the Scottish Premiership trophy with the Glasgow club for now. But, he is also agitating for a move to a so-called “big” club this summer.

In an interview with Radio Caracol in his native Colombia, Morelos believes that there are many interested parties. But his coach Gerrard’s history with Liverpool means that they will have been watching him with an extra-keen eye.

He said:

“I think they are aware (of me).”

“I imagine that is the case with the coach we have, who played for Liverpool for so long.”

“I imagine he has friends and directors who come to the games, as well as scouts from other teams.”

“There many interested clubs. Let’s wait until the end of the season to see which leagues are asking for me and then I can make a decision.”

“My dream is to be a champion.”

“To be a champion with Rangers is the only thing I am lacking to continue making a mark with this club.”

“Then if there’s an opportunity with a bigger team it’ll happen.”

The fans aren’t convinced he can make the grade, and the only Liverpool games he will be attending are as a spectator.