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Moreno compares Messi to the Matrix

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The former Blaugrana coach considers that the Argentinean superstar is the finest talent to have ever played football.

Manager Robert Moreno coached Barcelona in the past and is now the Spanish national team coach.

And the former Blaugrana coach believes Argentina’s Lionel Messi is the “greatest of all time.”

“Leo is the greatest of all time. I didn’t see Pele or Maradona play live, but Messi is incredible just in the training sessions. The perfect professional,” he told Goal.

“Some believe it’s just a natural gift but he’s one of the first to arrive at training, who looks after what he eats.”

He explained: “Being the greatest for so long and with so many titles, he deserves even more credit.”

“In terms of interpreting his style of play, with Luis Enrique we made a comparison and that was comparing him to the Matrix.”

“It’s like the scene stops, everything is in slow motion, and he passes the ball,” he added.

“Leo sees things that way on the pitch. He analyses and looks at what is happening. He searches for space to receive the ball and get involved.”

“With every passing year, he gets even better because he understands the game so well,” the former Barcelona coach said.

And Moreno didn’t like the way Louis van Gaal talked about Messi in the past days: “It’s tough because I admire van Gaal for what he’s done but I also admire Messi a lot.”

“Van Gaal focuses on the collective idea but if you try to force pieces to put your system it’s a mistake. You need to look at what’s available to you and create a collective system.”