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Moreno – “I am to blame” for poor Spain in Norway

Roberto moreno, spain
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Roberto Moreno shouldered the blame for the performance by Spain against Norway that many have deemed lackluster.

It is widely regarded as two points dropped in Spain’s attempt to qualify for Euro 2020.

La Roja has all but guaranteed their place in next summer tournament, sitting at the top of Group F five points clear of their nearest rival.

But the 1-1 draw with Norway, was their first points dropped in what many are saying was a very un-Spanish performance.

However, new permanent manager Roberto Moreno is looking no further than the mirror when it comes to blaming someone for the performance.

In an interview reported by Marca, Moreno just wasn’t happy and was hiding that fact. He wasn’t playing the blame game either.

It was sub-par and in need of improvement.

He said:

“What we did in Norway wasn’t enough for me.”

“I think what I should assess is what we can do to improve.

There were positives and negatives and he knows who is to blame.

He added:

“We attack in an organised way, but we don’t press well.”

“I blame myself for not being able to get that across [to the players].”

“I didn’t like the defensive nature the last substitution.”

“I’m not saying it in terms of the player [who came on], but we had a defensive mindset that I didn’t like.”

“We have to self-criticise because it’s the best way to improve.”

He feels like he has the answers and is keen to implement them.

He continued:

.”[We need] more and longer periods of possession and more aggressiveness in defence.”

“If we go out to fight [duels] from long balls, we will lose them to teams like Norway or Sweden.”

“When a game becomes chaotic little can be done by a coach.”

“We need one point, but I want three victories in the games we have left in order to get the top seeding because only the best six will get it.”

31-year-old Barcelona star Sergio Busquets was a starter.

There have been questions marks raised about old favorites getting undeserved startin spots.

Moreno is having none of that though, everyone who plays, plays on merit.

He said:

“I am not going to talk about [Busquets] in particular, but there is no one irreplaceable and we should be clear to everyone.”

“I don’t have the perception that we are far from Busquets’ best version of Busquets.”

“He is good at giving solutions and pressing. He strong when he has the ball and the team is together.”

“Whenever it’s not like that, Busquets will suffer because he is not the type of player to cover long distances or press all over the pitch.”

This is Moreno’s first job as the manager, and at 42 he is still young in those terms.

But even he is not naive enough to think that winning is enough in Spanish football.

You must win and win in style, you must not just qualify for tournaments, you are expected to win them.

sergio busquets. spain
SEVILLE, SPAIN – OCTOBER 15: Sergio Busquets of Spain runs with the ball during the UEFA Nations League A group four match between Spain and England at Estadio Benito Villamarin on October 15, 2018 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)