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Moreno releases his official statement

luis enrique, roberto moreno
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Roberto Moreno feels compelled to give his version of events after the Spain manager debacle

Roberto Moreno felt he had no choice but to release a public statement giving his version of events.

This comes after what has been described as a total fiasco in the manner in which Luis Enrique was returned to the head coach’s position for the Spanish national side.

There has been the talk of fall outs beyond resolution and as well as hard feelings and emotions running high.

In an interview with Marca, Moreno’s priority was to thank those who had supported him, and to clear the air.

He said:

“After what happened in these last days and after the agreement reached on Tuesday, November 19.”

” I feel the need to make a statement to thank those who have supported me during these months and to say goodbye to the position of national coach.”

” I have a clear conscience. It is impossible to please everyone, but I sincerely tell you that I respect all opinions.”

“I have always maintained that I am a man of my word, which would not be an impediment in the event that Luis Enrique decided to return to the team.”

“I have done so even though it has meant my departure. I wish him well because his joy will be our joy.”

“Thanks to all the players for their dedication and performance in all matches and in training sessions. “

Moreno will no doubt now be a sought after commodity after proving himself capable as the man in charge and not just the second in command.