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Morocco find allies to 2030 World Cup joint bid

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After losing the fifth bid to host a FIFA World Cup, Morocco didn’t waste time and found allies for the 2030 tournament.

We could say Morocco is persistent. After loosing again, this year to the USA, Canada and Mexico joint bid, the North African country sought Algeria and Tunisia to prepare a joint bid to host the tournament 12 years from now.

“Algeria will study a possible candidacy of the Maghreb countries for the organization of the World Cup,” stated Mohamed Hattab, Algeria sports minister, according to ESPN.

“An application from the Maghreb with Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia can be achieved through existing infrastructure as well as future projects.”

The official believes that they have the cities, sporting and cultural facilities to host the biggest football event of the world.

This joint bid will have a big competition from South America, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, that announced last year their intention to host the 2030 tournament.

These countries will have to wait, at least, until 2022 to FIFA decide the next stage of the World Cup.