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Morrison is furious Cagliari fans were not punished

Clinton Morrison
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Former footballer Clinton Morrison doesn’t understand why the Italian Lega Serie A didn’t punish Cagliari fans for their racist abuse of Romelu Lukaku.

During the Cagliari-Internazionale Milan match, Nerazzurri player Romelu Lukaku was the receiver of racist abuse.

And it was announced that the Italian Lega Serie A will not punish the Cagliari fans, something former footballer Clinton Morrison found “disgraceful.”

“How can you get fined €5000 for throwing plastic bottles on the pitch, but get cleared of racial abusing Romelu Lukaku? I don’t get it,” he told talkSPORT.

“It’s embarrassing, the Italian authorities are totally embarrassing. It’s a disgrace.”

He explained how he fell about it: “This boils my blood. I only saw this news a few minutes ago and I was not prepared for it.”

“It’s the biggest disrespect I’ve seen in football at the moment. I’m really upset about it,” he commented.

“I feel offended myself, personally!”

“And yes I do feel offended for Romelu Lukaku, and for every black player out there getting racially abused in Italy, I am. It’s a disgrace. More has to be done,” he commented.

“I’d walk off the pitch if it happened to me. I’d tell the manager to take me off, I wouldn’t play in that country.”