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Best footballers who wear contact lenses in matches

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Mastering sports is about training and eating right, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your eyesight in order.

We are looking at some of the most famous footballers and their eyes closely today, so the next time you watch football on TV or check the football scores, you will remember that these players wear contact lenses.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly one of the best players in the history of the beautiful game, his career is impressive and the trophy is already under his belt! The 33-year-old Portuguese has won several Premier League, Champions League, and La Liga titles, as well as five Ballon d’Ors.

It is clear that Ronaldo is still at his peak, with him scoring a number of goals in the World Cup this year, including an extraordinary hat-trick in Portugal’s match against Spain.

Not surprisingly, he was awarded two Man of the Match awards. Ronaldo’s goal-scoring skills are known around the world, especially the numerous goals scored during his time at Real Madrid FC. In the final count, it was 450 goals in 438 games!

How can any footballer score so many goals and stay on target more often? Part of its success lies in the contact lenses they wear on the pitch to correct their vision.

Contact lenses offer a much wider and sharper vision than glasses, as there is no frame that can block a footballer’s parasitic vision.

David De Gea

The Spanish goalkeeper has been named the best player in the Premier League and will soon be returning to his homeland to play for La Liga club Real Madrid.

Although he initially struggled with his training at his current club Manchester United FC, he continued to train on the pitch and in the gym, as well as wearing daily disposable contact lenses. really enhanced his performance.

Despite rumors a few years ago that he was being pressured to undergo eye surgery in order to regain his sight and save his sporting performance, he denied any wrongdoing and still plays football. Wear daily disposable contact lenses with confidence during matches. He is now considered a world-class goalkeeper and is equally respected by his teammates and opponents.

David De Gea pulls to save the goal – he needed his contact lenses to get the ball to land!

In fact, Steven Gerrard-former Liverpool FC captain once said, “He has no right to save anything. He makes difficult shots easy”!

Soft daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for footballers like De Gea, as they fit over the eye better than hard glasses, and are slim and comfortable. This makes them less likely to fall during a football game, even if the footballers are knocked off the opponent’s head, elbows, or knees.

Mario Balotelli

Now, the story of this short-sighted Italian striker is quite different. Although he wore contact lenses, in 2012, he underwent laser eye surgery to correct his vision.

Balotelli wore colorful contact lenses in the famous blue color – which coincidentally was the color of his previous team Manchester City FC.

A lot of people said that despite moving to Milan, they are still keeping an eye on their former team, but our opinion is that they are fully accepting the idea of ​​color contact lenses as a fashion accessory. Are!

Mario Balotelli’s famous selfie showing off his blue contact lenses!

Color contact lenses are available with or without a prescription and A-Listers can create a fun, alternative look for you as well as sportspeople!

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Contact lenses cover most prescriptions, no matter how complex you think. As well as being simple, comfortable and easy to use, they also provide a field of accuracy, depth, and perspective, and clarity during sports such as football.

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