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Mourinho admits to being a ‘d*ckhead’ to his players

Jose Mourinho, Inter Milan
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Jose Mourinho recalls being rude to his players after a defeat against Bergamo during his time at Inter Milan as he sheds light on his violent side.

Jose Mourinho brought immense success Inter Milan’s way during his two-year stint at the club, winning two Serie A titles, a Coppa Italia and a Champions League.

It was also during his tenure that Inter enjoyed a historic treble-winning season back in 2009-10, the most successful season in their history.

While Mourinho has been successful with each of his past clubs, it is his antics that has often smeared his image as an elite football manager.

And recently, he admitted he unnecessarily behaved in a harsh manner with his players.

Mourinho, who currently plies his trade in the Premier League with Tottenham, recalls lashing out on his players after one of the team’s defeat despite them having already won the Serie A title.

“I’m never fake, I’m original: it’s me and that’s it. I was also a d*ckhead, but that was me,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Especially after the defeat against Bergamo. I was very violent with the players – I told them they had won the Scudetto of sh*t.

“It was only afterward that I understood I had hurt them and I apologized.”