Mourinho called Benzema a cat

Back in his Real Madrid days, Jose Mourinho lost the respect of French striker Karim Benzema, and here are some of the reasons why

Los Blancos’ striker Karim Benzema revealed how his relationship with Jose Mourinho was, and how the forward lost his respect to the head coach after Mourinho compared him to a cat, followed by an awkward meeting.

The French player reflected back on how a statement from his coach at a press conference had a negative effect on their relationship.

In 2011, pretty much a year after Benzema joined Real, Mourinho made his rude statement, using an unpleasant metaphor.

“If I can’t hunt with a dog, I will hunt with a cat. With a dog you hunt more, and you hunt better. But if you have not got a dog and you have got a cat, you hunt with a cat,” the Special One said.

As the 29-year-old forward claimed, his relationship with Mourinho got worse and worse after that press conference.

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“We always had a good relationship,” Benzema explained to the French media.

“But after that, there were expressions and statements that were not necessarily well intended.”

“I had the impression that it made him laugh. Even if he’s someone I respect, after a while, I started to lose it,” he added.

“I told him what I had to say, which took an hour. ‘I’m a football player, you’re my manager, I respect you, respect me as a player’,” the Frenchman explained.

Benzema insisted the level of respect after that conversation seemed higher. The striker felt like he had to say what was on his mind.

“From then on, there were no cats, no dogs or anything. I’m shy but if you make fun of me, I’ll be straight. When you speak your mind, things are always better.”


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