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Mourinho claims that neither Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi are the best he’s watched

Jose Mourinho
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Jose Mourinho seems to be enjoying his time outside of football, talking as a pundit and throwing his opinion out there regularly.

After getting sacked from Manchester United, Mourinho is in no rush to find his new club. The Portuguese manager already confirmed he’s waiting for a big opportunity to arrive.

In the meantime, everyone wants to hear his opinion about the ongoing debates in football.

And when it comes to football debates, there’s none as popular as Messi vs Ronaldo. However, “The Special One” has a unique opinion about this.

He was asked about the best talent he’s seen, Mourinho replied:

“Ronaldo was the Phenomenon. Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have had longer careers and have stayed at the top every day for 15 years; but if we talk strictly about talent and skill, no one surpasses Ronaldo,” he said for Livescore

“When I was at Barcelona with Bobby Robson, I realized that he was the strongest player ever seen on the field.

“The injuries killed a career that could have been even more incredible, but the talent that this 19-year-old boy had was something incredible.”

It’s no wonder that Mourinho speaks so highly of the Brazilian.

Mourinho worked at Barcelona back in 1996/97 season, when Ronaldo played there.

Even though Ronaldo only spent a season at Barca, the impact he made was enormous.

Ronaldo’s domination is truly astonishing. However, after moving to Italy, he suffered from various injuries which kept him from fulfilling his talent.

The combination of skill, power, and footballing talent of Ronaldo is yet unmatched.