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Mourinho defends the referee for not sending Klopp off

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League
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Jose Mourinho has backed referee Craig Pawson’s decision to not send off his counterpart Jurgen Klopp, during Manchester United’s 2-1 win against Liverpool

Despite having been controversially sent off by Pawson back in September himself, during United’s win at Southampton, Mourinho has come to the defence of the referee after he chose to not give Klopp the same treatment.

Pawson decision came in light of Klopp’s furious reaction after Dejan Lovren had fouled Marouane Fellaini in the 78th minute of the match. The German had actually left the technical area and went towards where the incident had occurred.

Klopp was furious with Lovren for having fouled Fellaini twice to have conceded a free-kick with United supporters calling for the Liverpool manager to be sent off. But Mourinho agreed that Pawson had made the right call.

“Probably you are not expecting my answer: I’m happy with the decision,” said the Portuguese, according to the Manchester Evening Standard.

“Because he was not speaking against the referee. He was upset with a player and the same happened to me against Crystal Palace where I was upset with my player and therefore they [the officials] understood that too.

“I think [fourth official] Martin Atkinson, after so many years of this, I think made the right decision. I saw it. He [Klopp] was very upset with his player and not at the referee.

“If you leave the technical area by a couple of metres – or in this case 20 metres – but to speak to your own player and not to complain about the referee’s decision, they made the right decision.”