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Mourinho endorses five substitution rule to continue in 20/21

Jose Mourinho - Tottenham
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Jose Mourinho has taken a liking to the 20-man matchday squad and wants the new rule to continue in the next Premier League season.

Project Restart was given the green light earlier in June only after several mandatory health protocols and a few changes in the laws of the game were introduced.

In order to prevent fatigue from catching onto players, the number of available substitutions was increased to five per team, with managers allowed to select larger squads of up to 20 players.

To further ensure that players don’t suffer from exhaustion, two breaks per 90-minute match, one in each half, were allowed in all the remaining Premier League fixtures.

The changes were initially made to cope up with the congested schedule, but they can become permanent.

On Thursday, Premier League clubs are set to vote for or against the changes to continue in the next season, with the 2020/21 season set to get underway on September 12.

Jose Mourinho, despite not using five substitutions in any of Tottenham’s final nine matches, insists having larger squads is advantageous.

“I like the 20 players [in the squad],” said Mourinho, as Sky Sports reports.

“It’s much better to have everything there because it’s the ammunition you need. For all tactical reasons, beauty of the game, competitive of the game, it’s a fair way to treat players because they want to feel they’re in the game, and they feel that on the bench.

“The five subs, I don’t mind it. In the majority of matches, myself, I felt no need for that. But one thing is no need, another thing is no chance. So if you have the chance to do it, I don’t think it’s a problem.”