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Mourinho explains his passion for tennis

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The former Manchester United manager was in attendance to watch Andy Murray train ahead of his doubles Quarterfinal.

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid manager, Jose Mourinho, loves football but also loves tennis.

He has attended a big number of matches live, especially to see Andy Murray.

And he talked to The Independent about his love for the sport.

“I try to come most years but wasn’t able to until now, but this is a good moment because Andy plays,” Mourinho said.

“It’s nice for a sportsman like him in a special moment of his career, it’s nice for him to know that the ones that always supported him in the big moments, we also support him in these moments where he is showing what a man he is.”

“With his age, with everything he has already won he needs to be really special, in love with the game, and ready to make the effort he is making to be back,” he added.

“That’s fantastic, and if he can evolve to play singles again at the highest level, that would be amazing.”

Mourinho talked about his biggest tennis moment: “I shed tears when Murray won Wimbledon, yes, it’s true, because for these boys Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and these tournaments are like the Champions League for us.”

“I would love all the football players to cope with responsibilities the way these guys do it. In football, you can hide behind each other. In tennis, they can’t hide behind anyone.”}