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Mourinho is at odds with his Man United players again

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Manager Jose Mourinho seemed to have everything back in control, but his recent weeks have proven that the United players don’t like him.

There is trouble at Manchester United’s paradise once again between Jose Mourinho and his players, the Portuguese boss looked like he had everything under control again after a poor start of the season but things are back to an awful atmosphere.

There are several reports from the English media of Mourinho having serious problems with several players, there are reports of a new mole inside the squad but in reverse now.

Allegedly, the players have meetings where they criticize Jose Mourinho and talk trash against him but the boss caught wind of this in recent days and he has singled out Paul Pogba as the main culprit of all the problems.

The performance that the French midfielder gave last weekend at Southampton was the main indicator that something was wrong, the player didn’t seem motivated during the whole 90 minutes he played the match.

Mourinho came after all the players after the final whistle, which is yet another indicator of the massive problem that is taking place within the squad between players and manager.

But these reports which have been flagged as false by Mourinho himself, only confirm that something big is going on and it seems like the man is growing tired of coaching Manchester United.

There is a general feeling that the vast majority of people who have represented that institution in both past or present, are not interested in Jose Mourinho staying as the manager for much longer and even he has already felt that negativity towards him.

Just this Tuesday at a press conference, Jose said the following about his poor relationship with the players: “If you think a player only plays when, in your words, he is behind the manager, what I have to call these players or, in this case, what you are calling them, is dishonest,” said Mou via Four Four Two.

“A football player is paid – and very well paid – to be a football professional. What is that? It is to train every day to his limits, to play every game to his limits, to behave socially according to the nature of his job, to respect the millions of fans around the world and to respect the hierarchies in the club.”

“If you say that a player plays well or bad because of how good a manager is, you are calling the player dishonest,” he added.

The biggest problem of all this is that Jose Mourinho himself already knows how complicated it will be to play the next match, which is against the renovated Arsenal nonetheless.

The Red Devils urgently need solutions to face this incredibly complicated match against one of the top clubs in England right now, the Gunners are fresh out of a massive North London victory and they are out for blood this Wednesday when they play at Old Trafford.

Mourinho can already smell the fear from all the Manchester United atmosphere, they feel like another defeat could be the end of this process once and for all.

Certainly, Ed Woodward will be very interested in watching the outcome of this match and how Jose Mourinho manages to put the team back together for a game as important as this one.

Everybody who knows what’s coming in a few hours is already waiting for this match to begin, this could finally be the beginning of the end for Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

A relatively successful spell on the first season, that got distorted very quickly on the second due to several factors that never helped the manager’s cause.

Who will win this Wednesday’s match between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.