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Mourinho: Liverpool will win the league if they beat City

Jose Mourinho
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Jose Mourinho believes beating Man City is all it will take for Liverpool to win the league title

The Premier League will feature one of its most awaited fixtures of recent weeks. Pep Guardiola’s side will travel to Anfield to face the league leaders. And Jose Mourinho has pointed out that a win is a must for Liverpool if they hope to secure the league title.

Mourinho, in an interview with Sky Sport, said that a draw agaisnt City will be a bad result for Liverpool. To overcome Guardiola’s men, Mourinho said, Liverpool should maintain a lead of nine points.

“I think, nine points, for a very good team, is a difference you just have to control. So if Liverpool win the game, I see them winning the league.”

“I don’t think a point is enough for Liverpool,” he said. “They’re a very good team, but City are capable of going on very strong runs of consecutive victories. A slip for Liverpool will always happen.

“So I think today can be seen as a bit of a contradiction. Even if Liverpool have the six-point advantage, a draw is a positive result for City and a bad result for Liverpool.

“Liverpool have to get the momentum, have to get the little bit of fragility of City have at this time and, in my opinion, to win the game at home at Anfield is the only good result for Liverpool.”