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Mourinho not worried about Sanchez’s deal

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José Mourinho, the Manchester United head coach, insisted that he is not concerned over the deal with Alexis Sanchez as he claimed that can’t do much more about it and he wants to stay relaxed.

The Portuguese coach insisted that is relaxed over this transfer saga as his Manchester United are considered to be the biggest favourite to sign Alexis Sanchez – and he admitted that there are other clubs interested in doing the same thing. He also claimed that he has to respect the fact that the Chile international is still an Arsenal player…

The former Real Madrid or Chelsea coach spoke about this transfer situation as he said, according to Sky Sports“I’m not confident, but also not unconfident, just relaxed with the feeling that he is an Arsenal player.”

He also added that anything hasn’t been decided yet and Sanchez can still possibly stay at Arsenal and other big clubs are also interested in signing him so there is a huge competition for the Red Devils right now: “With a feeling that he can stay there and also with the feeling that he can move. If he moves, I think we have a chance but I think most probably a player like him has other big clubs interested and who knows? I think Mr Wenger and Mr Gazidis are the ones that know really what is going to happen. I don’t know anything about it. Today I don’t have one single information.”

In the end, José Mourinho insisted that he is still an Arsenal player and it is not fair to speak about it too much as the situation remains unclear: “I’m not going to speak about hypothetical situations. He is an Arsenal player. There are probably other clubs interested – I feel I shouldn’t speak about an Arsenal player.”