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Mourinho takes credit for McTominay’s role vs Barcelona

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After FC Barcelona’s victory at Old Trafford, manager Jose Mourinho reminded everyone of his role in Scott McTominay’s rise at Man United.

Manchester United’s performance against FC Barcelona gave us the pleasant surprise of Scottish midfielder Scott McTominay.

This is a player whom Jose Mourinho was determined to keep at Manchester United when the Portuguese manager still coached the club.

Mourinho at his best, obviously didn’t hesitate to take credit for his successful performance last Wednesday during an interview with RT.

The former United boss feels the need to take the little victories that life throws at him for the moment and McTominay certainly is one of them.

This Scotsman is arguably one of Manchester United’s biggest revelations this season and even Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was able to spot it.

The midfielder was one of the standout players against Lionel Messi during last Wednesday’s match at Old Trafford.

The youngster never wavered when he had the Argentine standing right in front of him with the ball under control, McTominay demonstrated how fearless he is at all time.

Even after the match that Man United lost, the player seemed satisfied with his own performance and he hoped for the best result next week.

You can already imagine how thrilled Jose Mourinho was after Manchester United’s result at Old Trafford.

The Portuguese manager wanted to analyze the match during an interview with RT and he didn’t doubt to take his due credit for McTominey’s rise to stardom.

This is exactly the type of player that Jose Mourinho adores on his squads.

We have a versatile midfielder who can defend and attack equally great but never gives up on his responsibilities to apply pressure when necessary.

Mourinho lives for finding players with McTominay’s profile and he seemed extremely satisfied to have fought for his permanence at the club.

“Scott McTominay in midfield he was like what I used to call, but when I use this expression it’s obviously in the total positive sense of the word,” Mourinho said on RT.

“He was a mad dog. Afraid of nobody. Imposing his respect. Pressing really hard with a huge range of movement.”

“I don’t know if they did or if it was Messi who decided to be quiet,” Mourinho added.

“A little bit of both. United was positively aggressive.”

“That situation with Smalling and Messi is nothing. It happens. He’s a tall guy with tall arms. I don’t think he has that intention.”

“By the defensive point of view they (United) were good, keeping a lot of people behind the ball. “But again there are two legs, you will have to go away in the second game.”

What’s next for Scott McTominay?

In regards to the upcoming few weeks for the Scotsman, we can already predict what’s coming for him at Man United.

Scott McTominay is currently one of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s most used players for the complicated matches that the Red Devils have to play.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Norwegian boss gave the lad a bit of rest against West Ham later today because he obviously wants him fresh for Barcelona.

But we can also understand if Ole gives McTominay more minutes against the Hammers as he doesn’t really have that much experience in top-flight football.

We can only imagine how much pressure a newbie would have if he gets picked to play the most important match of the season at Camp Nou.

We aren’t saying that Scott doesn’t have what it takes to accept the challenge and perform well, we only think more participation wouldn’t hurt.

Manchester United is still looking to finish the season in the Top Four but they will need to win against West Ham United and expect other results that can help them.

Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, and Chelsea need to get bad results in order to give Manchester United that push they need to get up there.

Scott McTominay hopes he can be a part of this attempt to get that Champions League position.


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