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Mourinho thinks the criticism against him is personal

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After getting to win the match against Newcastle United, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is convinced that his persecution is personal.

So many opinions from former Manchester United players or pundits in England, have turned Jose Mourinho paranoid about a “man-hunt” that he now believes is personal against him.

Just last Friday there were many reports from several media outlets, that suggested the Manchester United manager would get sacked this weekend regardless of his result against Newcastle United at Old Trafford.

But Jose Mourinho fails to understand that this so-called “man-hunt” is not personal at all, the pundits and former players who criticize him in front of the cameras have mentioned his performance as the Manchester United manager.

They haven’t gone after his personal life, they have never talked about anything that is not strictly related to football and that’s why nobody understood Mourinho’s press conference after his squad defeated the Magpies at Old Trafford with a header by Alexis Sanchez.

Right after the final whistle, there was a shot of Mourinho whispering profanity to a camera, sending a clear message in Portuguese that translates into: “Fuck off, you sons of bitches.”

All that frustration was released right after Alexis Sanchez scored the winning goal against Newcastle United, and also after the final whistle at Old Trafford.

But the real show started during the press conference right after the match, Jose was expecting all the people from the media who have written to push him out of the club and accused them of a manhunt against him.

What surprised people in the room the most wasn’t that rant he made about the critics going after him, Jose Mourinho was convinced that the players were scared for his permanence in the club and that’s why they didn’t start the match on a good note.

With this statement he made during his press conference after the match, we can tell that Jose Mourinho still believes that most of the players are still behind him and is completely oblivious to the reality of his situation at Manchester United.

The Mirror reported the Portuguese manager would be sacked this weekend regardless of the result against Newcastle, sent out another report that confirms Zinedine Zidane is already expecting for a call from Ed Woodward and should get it before next week is over.

But things might not be as easy for the vice-chairman as they were prior to this match, because the manager has the full support of the supporters after this result.


We are still unaware of what is going to happen with Jose Mourinho this week, but we can certainly tell you that he has earned a few more days of oxygen after this new result but the future doesn’t seem too bright for him.

In the next month after the international break, if he still remains as the Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho has to face against Chelsea, twice against Juventus in the Champions League, and also against Manchester City before the month comes to an end.

With the performance the squad gave during the first half, there is no question that this club won’t have the same luck against the opponents that are coming as they are not struggling to avoid relegation like the Magpies are.

All Mourinho did with this victory at Old Trafford, was to prolong his agony a few more weeks but there is practically no chance of him beating the next rivals the club has to face during the rest of the month.

For now at least, Jose Mourinho does have a little bit of time to plan the next matches a little bit better as many of his players will go on international duty next week.

How much longer do you think Jose Mourinho has left as the Manchester United manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.