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Mourinho’s possible destinations after Manchester United

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Let’s talk about the possible destinations for Jose Mourinho if he does get sacked by Manchester United before the end of the current season.

Despite having bought some time at Manchester United and putting the fans in his favor, Jose Mourinho may still get sacked before the end of the current season.

The Manchester United board of directors has proved repeatedly that they are not fit to lead the squad from above, as they have already fired David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal without letting them last for long with their projects.

The situation with Jose Mourinho is very similar despite being the Manchester United manager with the best percentage average in the club’s history, even above Sir Alex Ferguson.

The only possible end for the Portuguese manager is the street, so we decided to tell you about the possible destinations that will be available for when he ends this spell with the Red Devils.

Paris Saint-Germain

With the way that German manager Thomas Tuchel is currently doing at Paris Saint-Germain in Europe, it’s entirely possible that Nasser Al-Khelaifi decides to change managers once he realizes that Jose Mourinho is free of his contract at Manchester United.

The biggest excuse for the Portuguese boss to not perform as expected with the Redl Devils, is because Ed Woodward didn’t grant him the money to sign the exact players he wanted from the market.

But PSG will be a whole different story, as he has many of the best players in the world already on the squad and he will also have a lot more money to spend in order to bring even more world-class players of his choosing as soon as he takes control of the French giants.

In fact, Jose Mourinho is an expert on making small clubs great like he did with Chelsea or FC Porto, we could make an argument that PSG is actually perfect for his kind of skills.

Internazionale Milano

After leaving Internazionale Milano to pursue his dream of coaching one of Spain’s biggest clubs, Jose Mourinho vowed to one day return to the club where he won a treble and make them great once again.

The Portuguese manager does have that option on hold for the time being, but he may activate it whenever he chooses and there is nothing anybody can do to stop him.

The Moratti family may no longer have control of the squad, but Mourinho has the love and respect from the supporters and that should be more than enough for the new owners to welcome him back in the squad.

Plus, competing against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus is a very compelling challenge that he would love to take on head first.

A sabbatical

Something that I’ve been mentioning for some time now since Mourinho started having problems with the press and many of his players at Real Madrid, Jose looks frankly tired of professional football and a year or two resting would be very good for him to charge his batteries.

It will also serve him to refresh his strategies in order to return as a more evolved manager.

The man has been tripping with the same rock over and over again, his biggest flaw is the poor relationship that he develops with some of the best players he has on his squads and working on that would be on his best interest if he wants to continue winning trophies.

There is nothing wrong with accepting when your methods are outdated, that’s the core of a great way to improve as a professional and Mourinho needs an urgent upgrade in that area of his life.

Hopefully, he will decide this because it would be nice to see him back at his best after he takes a much needed time off.

What other destination do you want Jose Mourinho to choose if Manchester United sack him before the end of the season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.