Mourinho’s ultimatum to Manchester United over Pogba

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 25: Paul Pogba of Manchester United looks on from the stands during the Carabao Cup Third Round match between Manchester United and Derby County at Old Trafford on September 25, 2018 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly given Manchester United an ultimatum, either he or Paul Pogba leave the club soon.

After looking at how the whole situation between Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho has reached a boiling point this week, there is no doubt that one of the two will not finish the season. This Tuesday after Manchester United fell against Derby County at Old Trafford, the war between both men reached a boiling point of no return after the Frenchman posted a video on his Instagram account where he appears to be mocking the Red Devils’ elimination. This triggered a nasty reaction from the manager who this Wednesday morning was clearly spotted scolding the player, Pogba’s grin was cheeky because he knew they were being filmed and he thinks he has the Manchester United board in his pocket. For some reason, Paul Pogba believes that chairman Ed Woodward will choose him over the manager any day of the week if the situation came down to that. But the Frenchman’s latest public antics have also turned the supporters against him, even the ones who backed him in the past every time a new confrontation with Jose Mourinho went public. Most of the complaints from the fans have to do with Pogba not being a leader, there is a general feeling that he is still immature and many are even demanding his exit.

The player didn’t see this coming as he truly believed that the fans had his back, and now Jose Mourinho has reached the limit to the point where he met with Woodward and gave him an ultimatum. According to The Sun, the manager already told the chairman that he has to choose between the two of them because he can’t keep working with Paul on the squad. This means that we are going to have a resolution pretty soon, and either Jose Mourinho steps down as the manager or Paul Pogba gets transferred to FC Barcelona before the winter transfer window closes. But there is no way that these two can look for the club’s best interest and mend their relationship, things have gone too far already and Pogba just doesn’t seem to care for the Portuguese manager. The truth is that Mourinho is hardly to blame about all this, because he already has a way in which his squads play football and the formula has worked 80% of the times for him. Considering how many trophies he has won in the past, even with Manchester United using the same tactics, there is really no reason for him to change his approach and the players need to understand that this is just a bad run the club is having.


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But Paul Pogba’s ulterior motives are far more powerful than any love he has left for Manchester United, this behavior keeps making my theory stronger as more things keep happening. I know it sounds a bit crazy but humour me for a minute, please. Every day that goes by I think more and more, that Paul Pogba only came back to Manchester United out of spite and all he wants is to dry the club out of all the money he can to then leave after a short period of time. I also think that the Frenchman doesn’t really love Manchester United, he has a grudge against the institution that never believed in him when he was a youngster and he only came to fulfill a revenge he had set years ago. Think about it. Pogba’s agent is Mino Raiola who is like family to him and Manchester United treated him like crap, years later after leaving the club where he started his youth career, the player entertains the idea of his agent to come and get as much money as they can before they leave to another club where he can take his career serious once again. There is really no other explanation I see for Pogba’s erratic behavior, this is just a reaction of the mistreatment he received by Sir Alex Ferguson all those years ago. But you be the judge, you try to find another coherent explanation.

What other theories do you have to explain Paul Pogba’s behavior against Manchester United and Jose Mourinho? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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