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Moyes predicts a difficult season for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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During an extended interview with The Mirror, David Moyes reflected on his Man United past and made a prediction on Ole Gunnar Solskjeaer.

Scottish manager David Moyes took control of Manchester United back in 2013, we now have manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in charge over six years after the fact.

The former coach had a very difficult time during his time with the Red Devils, he became one of English football’s most bullied managers due to his bad results.

Nobody knows how complicated the job was better than Moyes, he had the impossible task of filling Sir Alex Ferguson’s shoes.

To this day, another three managers have joined the Scotsman as possible replacements for the legendary manager and most of them have failed.

Jose Mourinho was the most successful of the bunch after winning the UEFA Europa League and an FA Cup during his first year at the club, Moyes wasn’t that fortunate.

There were several problems that the Scotsman had to deal with when he took control of the team, mainly with the board that refused to buy the players he requested.

Moyes’ biggest targets for United were Cesc Fabregas and Gareth Bale, neither of both players came and David suffered the consequences.

After only one season, the man left United as a complete failure and he never returned to the elite.

Since then, this manager has coached Real Sociedad, Sunderland, and West Ham United for only one season each.

After six years of not getting things done at Manchester United, Moyes wanted to send Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a message.

The former manager believes that the Norwegian coach is going to have a tough time during his first full season at the club.

“It is a tough job,” said Moyes on The Mirror.

“You have seen how tough it has been for myself, Louis van Gaal and Jose ­Mourinho – very experienced managers have found it difficult.”

“I think it will be another tough season for Ole, but he is trying to do everything to get it right. I hope he is successful. But there are massive ­expectations.”

“When you ­become ­Manchester United manager you are expected to win every game. And when you win the game, you are expected to have done it with style.”

“Then when you win, you are expected to have scored plenty of goals as well. Ole will be aware of that and know he has to do well.”

“They have now chosen to sign some young players, and when you look back they signed Wayne Rooney from us at ­Everton aged 18.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo was also 18 when he joined, so over the years they have had a policy of signing young players and many of them have been the best up-and-coming future stars.”

“I think Man United just need to follow their values of old,” he added.

About his failed time at the club, Moyes also spoke about what could’ve been if he had spent a little more time with the players he had.

“I would have loved to have done much better,” he continued.

“It was a great ­opportunity and a job I felt I fitted. I am more ­disappointed with myself that I didn’t make it work. I believe I am much better than what I showed.”

“I had to do better. There were ­mitigating ­circumstances. When you look at it now, what Sir Alex got from the squad to win the league is remarkable.”

“What I didn’t get was time. Do I believe United would be in the Champions League now? Yeah I do, if I had been in charge.”

“Do I believe we would have a much more stable club? Yeah, I do. I have also got to admit in the short time I was there, I had to win more games.”

“I had a really good squad, but an aging squad. I only signed two players, other ­managers have signed lots. I didn’t think United needed to sign bundles of players, but needed to do it gradually.”

“What you would ideally do at most clubs is sign three or four senior players a year. I would still try to follow that.”

“Manchester United could never be a ­revolution. It has to be ­evolution. I wanted to follow all those things that Manchester United stood for and felt that was the way to go about it,” he concluded.

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