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Muller explains the difference between Flick and Kovac

Thomas Muller, Hansi Flick, Niko Kovac, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga
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Hansi Flick took over as a caretaker manager until the end of the season after Niko Kovac got sacked by Bayern due to some poor performances.

It seems as if Flick managed to steady the ship,

It looks like Muller is happy with the change.

He funnily talked about the difference between the two managers.

“If your wife sends you shopping with instructions, then you know exactly what to do,” he started, quoting Rathjen.

“But when she doesn’t give clear instructions then you’ll be standing in front of the shelves and there’s a big risk that dinner won’t be as good as it could.”

It may be a somewhat complicated explanation, but it’s certainly an interesting one.