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Murphy backs Parker to impress at Fulham

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Both players shared the locker room while at the club back in 2010, and Danny Murphy says Parker can triumph at the club.

Scott Parker was selected as Fulham’s caretaker coach this year.

This is the first time the former midfielder coaches professionally.

And former teammate Danny Murphy has backed him to do great things at the English Championship, as the team looks to get back soon to the Premier League.

“I know Scott I’ve been playing against him for years, he’s a very quiet guy, very studious and intelligent,” Murphy told The Express.

“I think what he did in the latter stages of their Premier League campaign has given the hierarchy the confidence to appoint him.”

“He has a tremendous work ethic and he won’t leave any stone unturned,” he added.

“He’s calm, I like his calmness for a young guy, he hasn’t got the experience but I think the players responded to him well.”

“The problem for Scott will be about which players can they bring in and which players need to go because they spent so much money last season,” he continued.

“I’m really pleased he got the job, I think that it’s a good decision and I wish him all the best.”

“I was as disappointed as anybody that they couldn’t make a fight of it this season,” Murphy concluded.