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Mustafi is a fan of Lucas Torreira

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The Uruguayan midfielder has been performing very well in the English Premier League and his teammate is full of praise for him

22-year-old Uruguayan midfielder Lucas Torreira arrived in the summer for Arsenal.

And since then, he has won a place in the starting lineup, impressing not only fans but teammates like Shkodran Mustafi.

“I’m very happy for him. He played at one of my ex-clubs, Sampdoria, so when he came here, it’s of course not easy, because it’s a different type of football in England,” Mustafi told Arsenal.com about his teammate.

“You have to give credit to him because he’s someone who works hard, who wants to work hard and who shows that on the pitch as well.”

“Against Liverpool, he recovered a lot of balls, and that makes it not only easier for the defenders but for the whole team,” he added.

“As long as you have the ball, you have more opportunities to score. I think you have to give him credit.”

“I’ve changed a lot of leagues, a lot of countries myself and I know it’s not easy to settle in. I think he’s done it brilliantly well,” Mustafi concluded.