Nainggolan praises Dzeko, Barella, and Zaniolo

According to the Inter Milan midfielder Edin Dzeko, Nicolo Barella, and Nicolo Zaniolo are great footballers.

Internazionale Milan midfielder Radja Nainggolan has given an interview where he has praised Edin Dzeko, Nicolo Barella, and Nicolo Zaniolo.

He started saying about Edin: “Before coming to Inter, I already knew what Milan was like and the same goes for him. As a player, even if he is 33 years old, I think he’s great because he has an indisputable value, he gives everything for his companions and he scores a lot.”

“This year he may seem to be falling because the team’s results take him a little down, but it’s not like that really.”

About Barella rejecting Chelsea in January, he added: “I am not an agent, although I can give some advice in the field.”

“Nicolo is a footballer who will have an important career and I wish him the best in any team he will play, he is strong and he is similar to me.”

And for Nainggolan, Zaniolo is a great example of a footballer that can have a couple of matches off, as they cannot always play at the highest level.

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“For me, it is not a problem because everyone has his career. I have played 10 years at a high level, 9 well and this is so-so. He has played 20 games in Serie A, 18 good,” he said to Calcio Mercato.

“It is normal that we speak well of young people who are now all served on a silver platter, whereas before a boy had to show much more, even just to arrive in Serie B.”

“I’m happy for him and I wish him the best because I’m not envious of anyone. I think about my career and stop there. It’s easy to make a good season, but let’s see in 10 years,” he concluded.


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