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Nainggolan says he’s ready for the Cagliari adventure

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Former Inter Milan footballer Radja Nainggolan wants to showcase his talents with his new Italian Lega Serie A club.

Midfielder Radja Nainggolan played for Inter Milan since 2018.

But now he has been loaned to Cagliari, where he hopes he can showcase his talent and fight for a place in the starting eleven.

“I want to thank the President because he was immediately clear with me and he did something almost impossible,” he told Football Italia.

“He convinced me, I know what this club is about and that we‘ll have to fight: I’m ready. I had other offers, but it wasn’t hard to choose.”

“I already had in mind about coming back when I left five years ago, but I didn’t think it’d come so soon. Sometimes situations arise that make your decision easier,” he added.

“A desire to write an important page in the club’s history and events outside of football facilitated my choice. I’m only on loan, but if the president decides to buy me…”

“I’ve made my life and I always think I’ve done well. The rest isn’t for me to say. I remember my road here as well. I had an excellent rapport with the group and there are some good players here,” he said.

“I’ll make myself available to the team. I talked to [Coach Rolando] Maran on the phone and he has clear ideas, you’ll see.”