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Napoli owner aims jibe at Maurizio Sarri

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Aurelio de Laurentiis doesn’t expect Maurizio Sarri to win anything at Juventus just like he didn’t at Napoli.

Maurizio Sarri is the new manager of Juventus but it appears that the Italian has burned at least one bridge on his way to Turin.

And with Juventus and Napoli sharing a bitter rivalry, Aurelio de Laurentiis has fanned the flames further by pointing out his former manager’s inability to win anything. Indeed, Maurizio Sarri made Napoli one of the most exciting teams in Italy but was unable to win anything with them.

After three season at Stadio San Paolo, Maurizio Sarri was loved by the club’s fans. Even after he left the club to manage Chelsea, there was always adulation from Naples. However, things have changed ever since he decided to sign for Juventus.

The move has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the club’s supporters and even the owner. Fans are so mad at the move that they have ripped apart a plaque that was dedicate to Maurizio Sarri.

And De Laurentiis shares the sentiments of the city. The club’s owner and film producer, Laurentiis isn’t surprised.

He said (as reported by Daily Mail): ‘I am not surprised about Sarri’s move to Juve, football is no longer a world of icons and loyalty.’

“He didn’t win anything here and maybe he will not win anything in Turin.”

Definitely this move has affected the city of Naples on many levels. Sarri on the other hand, wouldn’t really mind all the hate coming his way.

Like he said earlier, Sarri considers coming to Juventus a step up after Chelsea. And though he took a parting shot at the London club, Sarri is not expected to say anything bitter to Napoli.

A native of Naples, Sarri is still part of the club’s history and maybe one day, all this will be forgotten.