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Napoli players revolt is over because Gattuso is crazy

Gennaro Gattuso
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Gennaro Gattuso has a reputation for being crazy and that scares his players into doing as they are told, it appears to be working at Napoli.

Not too long ago there was talk of a revolt by the players at Napoli.

Owner Aurelio de Laurentiis was threatening fines. Manager at the time Carlo Ancelotti was talking of attitude problems.

However, since the arrival of former AC Milan man Gennaro Gattuso all has gone quiet in Naples.

Gattuso has a reputation for being a touch on the crazy side, and it appears his reputation precedes him.

This is the manager who threatened to physically harm a player after his focus appeared to be on social media videos and not football.

Gattuso’s coaching staff are not off the hook either. During a heated touchline exchange with his assistant, the Italian hardman gave his assistant a slap.

Note to anyone who works with Gennaro Gattuso, this guy is absolutely crazy!