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Napoli surprises a failing Liverpool in San Paolo Stadium

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Unexpected defeat for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool FC at San Paolo Stadium, Napoli got a 2-0 win through Mertens and Llorente.

The day finally came, the reigning UEFA Champions League winners came back to play the tournament in a difficult match against SSC Napoli.

The game took place in San Paolo as part of the tournament’s Group E, we had a thrilling match ahead of us that would have a lot of drama.

The Reds are currently considered one of the best teams in Europe, but Carlo Ancelotti’s squad is trying to get the best out of their own stadium.

The Italian manager made the decision to include Hirving Lozano inside his starting eleven, which meant he lined up the attacking trio of the Mexican with Lorenzo Insigne and Dries Mertens.

It was obvious that playing against the reigning champions would push ‘Carletto’ to play with the best starting eleven he could use.

The initial match was filled with chances on both sides, but we had a tremendous duel of defenders on each squad.

On one side, we had Virgil van Dijk clearing up most of the chances created by the Napoli attack.

Hirving Lozano proved to be a fast-paced forward who nearly got the best of the Liverpool defense, but Virgil was on point during most of his interventions.

On the other side of the pitch, Mohamed Salah had a few chances that weren’t as fortunate as on different occasions.

With a 0-0 on the board, Liverpool and Napoli went to half-time expecting to get a better result during the second half.

After the break, we had more of the same style of football from both sides.

We were expecting goals from either of both squads due to how quick their attacking trios were, but we soon realized that the defensive players from both teams were too focused to fail.

Only a defensive mistake could give the other team a chance to score, this came late in the match when both teams were completely exhausted.

Jose Maria Callejon was taken down inside the box by Andrew Robertson, the replay shows how the young Liverpool payer wasn’t able to prevent the foul.

Jurgen Klopp’s face was telling of an obvious rookie mistake, Dries Mertens was the man responsible for taking the shot.

At this point of the match, Hirving Lozano had already left the pitch in order to give Llorente his debut with Napoli in this competition.

The Belgian forward stook in front of goal and took his shot straight into the bottom corner, Adrian couldn’t do anything to stop the shot.

The Spanish goalkeeper saved Liverpool a couple of times already, but this one was nearly impossible to stop.

Napoli was winning the match with eight minutes left on the clock, they were doing the unthinkable against the reigning champions.

Van Dijk makes a ghastly mistake.

We’ve been praising Virgil van Dijk for his performance this year the whole time, we don’t really see him making any mistakes in crucial matches.

We even keep talking about him being a contender to win the Ballon d’Or, but he had to fail sooner or later.

The Dutch defender was fairly good throughout the 90 minutes of this match, but he seemed tired during the final moments.

It was he who made a terrible mistake of gifting a ball to Llorente on the final moments, this allowed the Spaniard to score Napoli’s second goal of the evening.

The match ended with this result, an unexpected defeat for the champions and a welcomed victory for the Italian club.

With this win, Napoli goes up to Group E’s second spot and remains behind Salzburg.

Liverpool will have to improve in many ways if they want to be the group’s first place, they made some infantile mistakes tonight.

For the upcoming matches in this competition, Napoli plays at Genk’s Stadium and Liverpool receives Salzburg’s visit at Anfield Road.

We got a spicy start of the season in this group, we didn’t expect the reigning champions to lose but anything can happen in football.

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