Nedved: No replacement for Allegri at Juventus yet

The Italian manager will say goodbye at the end of the Italian Lega Serie A season next Sunday as his team visits Sampdoria.

Juventus vice-president Pavel Nedved insists his team has not picked Massimiliano Allegri’s replacement yet.

“I was not at Max’s Press conference, but it’s because I had another work commitment that couldn’t be moved, so I was very sad to miss that,” Nedved was quoted by Football Italia.

“The club had to make a decision, we made it, I feel this era came to a natural end, without a specific reason. It was a very important cycle and I don’t think it will ever be repeated again.”

“Max won 11 trophies, almost everything we asked of him, so he deserves only praise and a great farewell. The same goes for Andrea Barzagli, as it is their celebration tonight,” he added.

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“There was no one reason, this experience just came to a natural end. Each of us had to say what we felt inside and that’s where we ended up.”

“Juve needs to win trophies, Max did that, so he did a great job,” he said.

“There will be some evaluations, we are in no rush and can take our time. It won’t be easy, we know this era can never be repeated, so it’ll be even more difficult.”

“So far, we were evaluating what to do with Max, so did not contact any other Coaches. We have ideas, including some pretty clear ones, but have made no decisions,” Nedved concluded.


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