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Neil Lennon reveals plan to sign two strikers

Neil Lennon
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Hibernian manager Neil Lennon has outlined his January transfer plans to sign two strikers for the club.

Speaking from Dubai where the Hibernian squad is camped for warm-weather training, Lennon highlighted their need for investment in attack.

“We want to bring in strikers if we can bring two in then great. But we’re hoping to at least bring one in just to add to what we have here,” he told Sky Sports.

“At times it’s been a bit flat and we need that extra bit of competition and motivation for them all.”

Lennon was asked what kind of message he’s sending to the current strikers at the club, he said: “Must be better. You know you can do better and I know you can do better.

“But we want more competition in that area and we want more goals in that area.”

Lennon since last month has been demanding for better strikers for the club.