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Neuer picks his three best goalkeepers in the world

Manuel Neuer, Germany, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga
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Germany international stopper, Manuel Neurer believes Alisson, Ederson and Hugo Lloris are the three best in the world.

According to Germany national team and Bayern Munich goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, there are three great stoppers in the world.

To him, Alisson, Ederson, and Hugo Lloris are among the best.

“Alisson of Liverpool and Ederson at Manchester City are complete goalkeepers,” he said according to The Daily Mail.

“They’ve mastered the modern game and are excellent with two feet. I like them both. They’re consistent and they rarely make mistakes.”

He added: “They’re among the best in the world, along with Hugo Lloris, who is more of my generation and who has enjoyed a great year with Tottenham, reaching the Champions League final.”

“Lloris and I have many points in common with regards to our respective careers, having been captains of both club and country.”

“He’s someone that I appreciate a lot,” Neuer concluded.