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Neville – “a bit of ego” made him say yes to the Valencia job

Gary Neville, Valencia
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Gary Neville admits that he should have never taken the manager’s job at Valencia. It was, in fact, his ego that made him say yes.

Gary Neville had a pretty much flawless football career up until he took the manager’s job at Spanish side Valencia.

After 17 trophy-laden years at Manchester United, Neville initially focused on his business ventures and punditry work.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he admits he should’ve stuck to what he was doing.

Neville insists he said no at first, but a mixture of ego and a sense of obligation to friend and Valencia owner Peter Lim led him to take the job.

He said:

“Sometimes ‘no’ is a great word, however, sometimes you’ve got to say ‘yes’ and step up.”

“I’d turned down two Premier League inquiries and two Championship inquiries in the 18 months before.”

“I had no intention to go into management.”

“Although I was working with England and Roy Hodgson, my role was more concentrating on analysis.”

“When Peter Lim, Valencia owner rang me, he didn’t want to bring in a new manager halfway through the season.”

“He knew he wouldn’t get the man he wanted.”

“He wanted somebody that he trusted to navigate him to the end of the season. I said no initially.”

“But then eventually wanted to do it for him.”

“A little bit of arrogance, a little bit of ego.”

“I’d lived through Manchester United for 20 years, I’d gone to Sky and it had gone well and you feel a little bit unbreakable.”

“Like you’re in a position where nothing is going to go wrong.”

“When you take something on that you’re not as qualified in as you should be, you get a slap round the face.”

“I got a massive bloody nose.”