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Neville can’t wait to see Liverpool fall apart in the League

Gary Neville
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Gary Neville is apparently excited at the thought of Liverpool falling apart and blowing their league lead.

Neville a Manchester United legend, has never hidden his feelings towards the Merseyside club.

His desperateness to see Liverpool fail in their quest for a Premier League title has become somewhat of a standup show.

The on-air banter between himself and Sky cohost former Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has become a feature of the football coverage .

Liverpool’s dominant control of league as things stand right now, only makes for a more enjoyable moment if they fail again this season.

Speaking to Talk Sport, Neville couldn’t hide what he considers potentially the best year ever

“If they blow it now, it’s going to be one of the best years I’ve had on Sky!” 

“Honestly, it would be the most incredible experience to watch this unfold and for them have a 12-point lead and then it dissipates before my eyes.”

“I actually hope they have a 12-point lead in March and then really late just fall to pieces!”