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Neville “couldn’t stand” Tevez’s attitude

Carlos Tevez, Manchester United
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Gary Neville was left unimpressed by Carlos Tevez and his approach to his second and what was ultimately his final season at Manchester United.

There are few if any players that have donned a United shirt that you could say love their club than Gary Neville.

Neville will admit it without batting an eye, he loves United and his career at the club was everything to him. He ate, slept, breathed, and bled Manchester United every day he was there.

So when a player at the club who had demonstrated in his first season just what he was capable of started acting up, namely Carlos Tevez.

Speaking Sky Sports, Neville was unimpressed, to say the least.

He said:

“What annoyed me about Tevez was he downed tools in his second season.”

“That and sitting on the treatment bench, starting coming out late for training, started messing around, he was playing the club.”

“I couldn’t stand that.”

“I was at the time a ferocious Manchester United person inside, and never thought about anything else in my life, only United every single day.”

“I understood that his people were in his ear all of the time, he was so led by his people.”

“It was always going to come to an end as it did. I felt disappointed as a professional that he didn’t act the right way.”

Tevez had a phenomenal first season at United.

He played a crucial part in the 2008 Champions League and Premier League winning team. A team regarded by many as one of the greatest Premier League sides ever.

Just how much of a legend could Tevez have become at United had it all worked out?