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Neville is aiming for club management after England

Phil Neville
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Phil Neville admits he wants to be involved in the day to day management at club level when he steps down from the Women’s England national team.

Former Manchester United player Phil Neville is set to step down from his role as England’s Women’s team manager in the summer of 2021.

Speaking to his old club’s website he admitted he has been frustrated at not working with his players on a regular basis.

Neville insists he is not thinking too far ahead but is open-minded about future opportunities.

He said:

“We’ve got another eight camps and maybe an Olympics to go to, so it’s in the back of my mind.”

“I approach it as I did with the end of my career, as I did when I joined Valencia, that’s with a completely open mind.”

“Whatever opportunities come my way, I will think about them.”

“Ultimately, the biggest thing I want to do is finish the job with the Lionesses, which I’ve absolutely loved.”

“I think what I would say is that international management can be really frustrating.”

“You only get the girls for 12 days and it’s really intense – then you let them go back to their club managers and you can’t impact them for another three or four weeks.”

“The day-to-day is probably now the next thing I’m looking for. I want to impact players more than on the international level.”

The question will be who will want a coach who had a torrid time as an assistant with Valencia? Someone who fell short as a coach of the women’s national team?

He is apperently in for a tough time.