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Neville suggests a “festival of football” to complete the season

Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League
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Gary Neville has a rather chaotic if not unique way to cram in all the games that remain in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League this season.

The Premier League only recently announced that games will not resume until April 30th at the earliest. There have been suggestions that this date may be pushed even further into the future.

UEFA announced the postponement of Euro 2020 for one year until the summer of 2021.

They also placed a provision that they would like all domestic and European club football to be concluded by June 30th. Although this date was flexible depending on how the current situation progressed.

Gary Neville however, has suggested an almost worst-case scenario solution. It would though ensure that all the games are played and everyone rightfully earns their finishing place in the league.

Speaking to Sky Sports the former England and United defender he believes that footballers would do whatever it takes.

He said:

“The last thing I’m worried about is sorting out the fixtures.”

“If football players need to play every day for nine days to finish the Premier League as a worst-case scenario, they would do it.”

“They’d get their heads around it and make it a festival of football.”

“It would be something spectacular.”

“Football can bring some hope and joy to the country when we finally come out of this crisis.”

“Doing a festival of football where the league is finished in two weeks, the Champions League gets finished in a week and the FA Cup is finished in four days could be something quite special.”

He supports his theory by adding:

“If you think about the Christmas period, clubs play four games in eight days.”

“When we were going to win the Premier League with Manchester United we had a backlog of fixtures due to FA Cup.”

“We played four games in a week.”

What do you think has Gary lost the plot?