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Nevin believes Chelsea fans are happy once again

Chelsea, Premier League
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According to the Chelsea legend, the Blues supporters are loving their team once again thanks to the momentum they have right now.

After a very difficult start of the 2019-2020 English Premier League season, Chelsea is back on top.

The team climbed and is sitting right now in the fifth position of the table.

And this has made the Blues fans happy once again, according to Chelsea legend Pat Nevin.

“When we lost 4-0 up at Old Trafford, yes Frank in his debut game was always going to be excused, but neither were the players abused by the fans,” Nevin told Football London.

“This was because all the effort and a good deal of quality were there for everyone to see. You can’t fake that stuff for too long with the fans.”

He explained: “Take Jorginho, the statistics alone will tell you about his incredible work-rate but it is his passion for every tackle and every chase that shines almost as much as his ability on the ball.”

“Willian obviously is reborn as well but try thinking of someone in the group that isn’t giving everything for every moment, it is impossible.”

“Tammy Abraham works until his legs run out and is often replaced but that is a positive sign that he is giving everything, not a negative one that he is playing badly,” he commented.

“There looks as though there are two Mason Mounts on the field most weeks as he seems to have the ability to turn up everywhere.”

Nevin concluded: “On top of that have a look at the attitude of those coming off the bench. None of the subs are giving anything less than everything they have, whether it is for 30 minutes or ten.”

“It is all of these things obviously but on top of it all it is the ethos of the group which can only be fully imprinted by the management.”