Nevin speaks after Chelsea’s humiliating defeat

The retired Scottish footballer feels fans should stick to the team “no matter what” and to show their true colors.

On Sunday night Chelsea was thrashed 6-0 by Manchester City in the English Premier League.

And for former Blues Scottish footballer Pat Nevin, the game was very difficult but only a true fan would stay by the team.

“I must admit to being more tentative than I have ever been walking up towards the Etihad on Sunday,” he wrote on the official Chelsea site.

“In fact, I had been prepping my son for the entire week. I found myself saying, ‘You know, we might not win this one, so remember to stick by the team whatever happens’ and ‘Manchester City right now are one of the best teams ever to play in English football, so it might not go to plan this time’.

“It is odd but I had never given him that ‘pep talk’ (maybe I should change that phrase to ‘reality check’) before a Chelsea match but this time something concerned me,” he explained.

“Our away form had been suspect against the top sides and Manchester City were coming on to some fabulous form.”

Jurgen Klopp thinks Arsenal can challenge for Premier League

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reckons that Arsenal's summer transfer business has made contenders for the Premier League crown.

“City do not often get a team that plays them at their own passing game, in their own back yard, and for De Bruyne, Sterling, Aguero, and company it was a rare opportunity for space and they took full advantage of it,” he added.

“When you have lost 6-0, many would be tempted to change some things.”

“This might be in the manager’s mind but he strongly believes if the team plays to his style and they all play well, just as they did in December, it can work even at the likes of City,” the former player continued.

“The usual reaction now is to wallow in some old clichés to get us through a few very dark days. How about, ‘it is only three points in the end’ or ‘it is how you react to this type of defeat that defines your season’. Another favorite is ‘every time you lose you learn’.”


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