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New Euro 2020 date gives Ronaldo an 18-month goodbye to world football

Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal
Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo official Twitter account

The push back of Euro 2020 into next year is not ideal for many players, and certainly not for those who are coming towards the end of their career.

This includes Cristiano Ronaldo, who will turn 36 before Euro 2020 takes place next year. Ronaldo himself, and of course Portugal as a nation, would have much preferred for Ronaldo to be available and play in the tournament at 35 rather than 36, but this is something they need to work around now.

However, assuming we don’t hear anything about retirement before the World Cup of 2022, it does give Ronaldo an 18-month period where he will be in the spotlight to say goodbye to the footballing world.

This would begin in the summer of 2021, with him playing in the delayed Euro 2020 event, and would then be followed up with an appearance at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Both events will draw millions of viewers from all over the world, one final time for fans to see Ronaldo in action.

Could he pull out something special and help Portugal win one of these trophies before he signs off?

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Could retirement stop this?

There is of course, the small matter of retirement to think about. We don’t know when Cristiano Ronaldo will retire, that could happen at any point. Should Portugal win Euro 2020, there is a chance he could retire on a high and go out then.

However, there is also the draw of a World Cup on the horizon to think about, and this is something that we often see as a way of keeping players going for their final year or two.

With the two competitions moving a year closer together, there is less time for Ronaldo to retire in between, and more reason to keep playing, even though he will be older for Euro 2020 than if it would have taken place on the original dates.

It remains to be seen exactly what Cristiano Ronaldo chooses to do in the future. The only thing for certain right now is that when he does eventually hang up his boots, it will all be done on his terms.

The hope is that he gets one last farewell on the international stage, one that he has performed so well on and gained many admirers from. There is a chance for him to do that, spanning a period of 18 months and beginning next summer. Let’s hope he takes it, and hope that he can drive Portugal forward into a position where he can shine and they can compete with the best that world football has to offer.