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News: Anderlecht change Kompany’s role after 4 games

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Anderlecht has changed Vincent Kompany’s role at the club after a disastrous first four games.

In a press conference posted on Anderlecht’s official club website, the club has announced it has revised Vincent Kompany’s role at the club.

As we brought you recently at Ronaldo.com, Kompany has struggled in his start to management.

He assumed the role of player-manager at Belgian club Anderlecht after leaving Manchester City.

It was supposed to be a fairy tale return home for Kompany. It has been far from it. With two points, from the first four games.

His ability to cope with both the management and playing side of things has been brought in to question.

The club has decided that on match days, he will no longer assume a coaching role.

Kompany’s first-team coach Simon Davies will now be responsible on match days.

Davies said of the change:

“As players and staff, we’re trying to find which players suit the system better than some.”

“There’s always going to be change, especially at the start.”

“We’re trying a new project here. It’s not going to happen overnight. This is a playing style that’s new to the football club.”

“We need some stability and one of those things that’s going to change straight away is Vinny is going to be captain from the next game.”

“He’s going to lead the team and really concentrate on being a player on matchday.”

“This is one of the things that we’re going to try.”

“We work so well as a staff during the week. Vinny and the club have a vision and we all work to it as staff.  But it’s important he’s a player on match day.”

“If Vinny can be the best player in the league, which he is, and lead on the field and I can take the responsibility in terms of other things, how we play, if we need to change shape during the game.”

“I will take that responsibility with the staff on the side.”

“We’re finding out about each other. This is a new and different situation.”

“All we know is we’re going to be successful. This is just another step and a little bit more learning about each other.”

Davies continued of Kompany’s feelings on the role:

“He loves the club so much he wants to give everything he’s got to the club.”

“What’s more important is he continues to be one of the players, be the leader and concentrate on matchday”

“It’s also important that I can help and assist with that so we have a leader on the pitch and a leader on the side.”

“Vinny can concentrate on the grass and I can focus on the tactical decisions.”

“What overrides this is we’re so confident it’s untrue. We want success and the fans deserve that.”

There is yet to be a statement from Kompany on this reorganisation of the situation at the club.