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News: Beckhams MLS plan is unchanged

David Beckham
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Inter Miami and David Beckham are continuing as normal with the new stadium plans.

According to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez through a repot with ESPN, the toxicity findings on the proposed site of the new stadium and sports complex change nothing.

Inter Miami, which is part-owned by David Beckham has recently released a report about toxicity findings of the proposed site.

The site will be home to a 1 billion dollar project named Miami Freedom Park, which will house the team’s new stadium.

The environmental study was ordered and paid for by Inter Miami, and they were aware of the environmental problems well in advance.

The club has already agreed to cover all necessary costs.

Mayor Suarez said:

“It’s more for the health and safety of the people that are using the site at the moment,”

“There wasn’t as much concern about the deal itself.”

“There was always an understanding that the team was going to remediate [the site].”

“They understood that it was contaminated. It’s not anything that jeopardizes the deal in any way.”

He said of the cost:

“From my perspective, it doesn’t really matter because [Inter Miami has] agreed to pay it, and capitalize it.”

“This is a $1 billion deal; $35 million, $50 million, that’s 3.5 percent or 5% of the deal.”

“I’m not saying that’s insignificant, but they have a range, and they are comfortable that it’s within the range.”

A golf course which was housed on the land was promptly shut down by the City of Miami after the report went public.

There has been talk that all of this is part of an attempt to devalue the land in order for Inter Miami to get a sweeter deal.

These allegations were rubbished by Mayor Suarez, he said:

“We did this as a zero-subsidy deal. We’re going to be making $5 billion in revenues.”

It appears that it is still “all go” for David Beckham and his partners at Inter Miami.

We eagerly await the next announcement of another player, or even the new manager as they prepare for their inaugural in MLS season 2020.