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News: PSG remove Neymar merchandise


In an apparent sign that Neymar is leaving Paris, his merchandise has been removed from the PSG store.

There are reports that PSG has removed the products bearing the name of one of their most marketable assets.

According to reports in the Express, displays that once held the various club shirts, with the Brazilian superstar’s name on the back have been removed.

There are even reports his image has been removed too. The prominent marketing figure now Kylian Mbappe.

Following the Parisian fans turning on the one time hero during the opening game of the season. It appears the writing may be on the wall for what now appears an inevitable departure.

As we brought you yesterday here on Ronaldo.com, the fans at the Parc des Princes could be heard chanting “get out you s** of a b*****.” There was also a banner telling him to go away.

The situation has no only intensified after his sister Rafaella Santos, took to social media to give the PSG fans an expletive piece of her mind.

She wrote:

“WHAT A DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL HEAPS OF HUMAN Y’ALL ARE! Wih you still had my brother at your team. You will win nada without him. F******.”

While it appears that there is no way back for Neymar. The question on everyone’s lips is where will he go.

There are two contenders. Real Madrid and Barcelona.

A return to Barca is the favorite. But it is rumoured that the Catalonians have had multiple offers rejected. Each one has be a player or players plus cash. None of the payers they have offered meet with PSG’s satisfaction.

Real likewise have had multiple combination bids rejected. The latest believed to be James Rodriguez plus 111 million Euros.

There has been the talk of Mbappe type deal between Madrid and PSG, with the figure of 222 million Euros to be paid after a one-year loan agreement.

Neymar prefers Barcelona, PSG prefer dealing with Real.

The window closes September 2nd, where Neymar will be is yet to be determined, but it appears that PSG has had enough.